Hurricane Matthew: What impact will it have on Canada?

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As Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti and Jamaica on Tuesday, Americans and Canadians are keeping a close eye on the storm.

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Matthew formed as a tropical storm on Sept. 28 and quickly developed into a hurricane by the following day.

As of 2 p.m. Tuesday, the hurricane was a Category 4 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 230 km/h. Hurricane warnings have been issued for Haiti, the Bahamas, and parts of Cuba.

The Saffir-Simpson scale

The National Hurricane Center out of Miami, Fla., is closely monitoring the powerful storm. As of Tuesday, the weather agency had forecast the storm to hit parts of Florida as a major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) by Friday. The hurricane is expected to then weaken before heading into the Carolinas and continuing to move northeast.

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting Matthew to remain a hurricane into Sunday as it heads up the northeast coast, off the coast of New York. The storm is likely to have an impact on Canada early next week with high winds and heavy rain affecting the Maritimes.

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Florida governor urges residents to prepare for ‘absolutely deadly’ Hurricane Matthew


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Hurricane Matthew on course to hit Haiti Monday night

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    As the storm continues its northeasterly trek, the Canadian Hurricane Centre is also keeping a close eye on Matthew.

    “Matthew is expected to move northward along the eastern seaboard approaching the Maritimes this Thanksgiving weekend. At this time, it is too early to be specific regarding the precise track of the storm,” the centre said in a statement on its website.

    “We encourage the public to closely monitor the evolution of the forecast over the next few days. As the weekend approaches there will be greater confidence in the specifics of the storm.”

    The forecast track for Hurricane Matthew. The centre of the storm could take it anywhere within the cone.

    National Hurricane Center

    Speaking with Global News today, Dennis Feltgen from the National Hurricane Center said that it’s too early to forecast any impact on Canada at the moment, due to the “tremendous margin of error” this far out.

    “But yes, we’re watching it. Definitely.”

    Meanwhile Tropical Storm Nicole has developed east of Matthew in the Atlantic Ocean. It is not forecast to impact any land within the next few days.

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Pets outnumber kids & 9 other facts from 2016 Edmonton Vital Signs report

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The 2016 Edmonton Vital Signs report has been released and it comes with several interesting facts about the Capital City.

Edmonton Vital Signs is an annual report that provides a snapshot of the city, with a focus on one specific topic. This year’s report focused on Edmonton’s immigrant and refugee population, but it also detailed a number of other statistics. (See full report below).

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  • Edmonton population grows by 2.5% but fewer people completed census

  • City seeks input on Edmonton’s affordable housing strategy

  • Homeward Trust social housing proposal met with resistance

  • Number of people using Edmonton Food Bank jumps by 14%

    Here are 10 of the most interesting facts to come from this year’s report:

    Edmonton has more pets than kids

    As of August 2016, there were more pets living in Edmonton than kids. There were 195,243 cats and dogs in the city, which is more than the 189,598 people under the age of 19 who call Edmonton home. The city estimates that one in three households has a pet and many have more than one animal.

    Edmonton has more women than men

    With a population of nearly 900,000, Edmonton is home to 463,472 females and 434,763 males. Of those, 123,109 are school-aged kids from preschool to Grade 12.

    Edmonton isn’t a great city for women

    For the last two years, Edmonton has appeared on the Centre for Police Alternatives’ list of the worst places in Canada to be a woman. In fact, Edmonton was second-to-last on the list last year.

    Despite having the highest per capita income in Canada, the gap that exists in Alberta when it comes to men and women’s employment levels and incomes is among the largest of the cities measured. Sixty-two per cent of low wage workers in Edmonton are women.

    READ MORE: Second-worst city in Canada to be a woman is Edmonton: report

    Edmonton is the youngest city

    Of the six largest urban centres in Canada, Edmonton is the youngest with a median age of 36 years. Here’s how the rest of the large urban centres stack up:

    Calgary – median age of 36.3Toronto – median age of 38.8Ottawa-Gatineau – median age of 39.3Montreal – median age of 39.8Vancouver – median age of 40

    Record school enrolment growth

    Edmonton public and Catholic schools are experiencing record school enrolment. The Edmonton Public School Board has seen a 15.8 per cent increase in enrolment from 2010 to 2016. The Edmonton Catholic School District has seen an 18.7 per cent increase in enrolment in the same time frame.

    It’s anticipated there will be 95,355 students enrolled in Edmonton public schools this year and 40,870 students in Catholic schools.

    EI numbers on the rise

    The number of people receiving employment insurance benefits in Edmonton has gone up by 117.9 per cent since Alberta’s economy took a turn for the worse at the end of 2014.

    Affordable housing wait list has tripled

    The economic downturn has had a “profound impact” on the number of Edmontonians waiting for affordable housing. Capital Region Housing, the major community housing provider in the region, saw its wait list more than triple over the course of the 2015 calendar year.

    As of Dec. 31, 2015, 4,263 families were waiting for accommodation and 231 new applications were being received each month.

    Public transit usage is on the decline

    Despite an ongoing push by the City of Edmonton to get more commuters using public transportation, the number of people taking the bus or LRT has dropped each year for the last two years.

    Annual ridership on ETS buses and trains dropped by 600,000 in 2015 and is on track to drop by a similar amount by the end of 2016. The decrease comes after growing ridership each year from 2005 to 2014.

    Jennifer Laraway, a spokesperson with Edmonton Transit, said a decline in ridership is not unusual during an economic slowdown and “transit ridership is down in most cities across the country.”

    READ MORE: ‘Don’t let idiots build your transit’: Reporter rips into Edmonton’s Metro LRT Line

    According to the 2016 municipal census, 78.6 per cent of people drive to work, while 13.7 per cent of people take transit.

    Food bank usage has spiked

    From April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016 Edmonton’s Food Bank served 51,815 different people. This is an 18.3 per cent increase from the year before, and 28.3 per cent higher than two years ago.

    Edmonton men are more active than Edmonton women

    Eighty-two per cent of Edmontonians take part in some sort of sports activities. Men (45 per cent) are more likely than woman (27 per cent) to be actively involved in sports.

    Those with higher incomes are also more likely to participate in sport.

    Less than $30,000 – 18 per cent$31,000 to $60,000 – 30 per cent$61,000 to $80,000- 39 per centGreater than $80,000 – 43 per cent

    Graphic by Tonia Huynh.

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NB government promises carbon pricing will be tax neutral

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The New Brunswick government has reiterated their dedication to ensuring carbon pricing isn’t a burden bore by the province’s taxpayers.

Although no exact details are being released at this time, Environment and Local Government Minister Serge Rousselle said their government has long promised to offset revenues collected by a carbon tax.

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“It will always be neutral revenue,” said Rousselle. “That was clear right from the start.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Monday that $10 per ton would be added to the price of carbon pollution in 2018, increasing by $10 per year to $50 per ton in 2022.

READ MORE: Trudeau says Liberals willing to impose carbon price on provinces

Rousselle says his hesitation to address exact plans for offsetting the carbon pricing structure comes from the province awaiting the completion of the Select Committee on Climate Change’s recommendations.

“We always said that we will be waiting for their report and their recommendation before taking a stance,” explained Rousselle.

Environmentalists see the announcement as a step in the right direction, and one that they’ve been calling for for quite some time.

READ MORE: Nova Scotia ‘will not be implementing a carbon tax,’ McNeil says

“Huge economies are already covered by a carbon price: California, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, the New England seaboard,” explained Lois Corbett, executive director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick.

“We have these mechanisms in place already so in fact it’s more the places that don’t have one that are the exception that proves the rule.”

“We’ve recognized for a very long time that it’s one of those tools that you have to have in your tool box if you’re going to address this huge gnarly problem,” said Corbett.

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon expects the added revenue coming from big businesses will provide the province with the means to further encourage residents to use more energy-conscious means.

“It will generate the kind of revenue that is needed to provide incentives, grants, financing to home owners and businesses to invest in reducing emissions, cutting their energy costs and overall reducing their carbon footprint,” explained Coon.

The Select Committee on Climate Change is expected to release their report within the next few weeks.

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Sears in Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre will close by end of January

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Last year, Target closed up shop. Now, Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre is saying goodbye to another major tenant: Sears.

The department store will be gone from the Bonnie Doon location by the end of January.

A company spokesperson said, in the last few years, the site turned into an outlet store that was sent clearance and discount items.

The location let its 70 employees know about the closure in July. Sears said most of those employees were part time. The spokesperson said staff will be considered to fill positions at other Sears locations in Edmonton if they come up.

As for its other locations in the city – Kingsway, West Ed, Southgate – Sears says it’s full speed ahead.

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  • Bombardier says it has been awarded part of Edmonton’s Valley Line LRT project

    One local retail expert said this latest news presents a redevelopment opportunity for the Bonnie Doon mall.

    “You’ve got a shopping centre which – it looks a little bit dated, it’s not a terribly exciting centre,” Craig Patterson said. Patterson is the director of applied research at the University of Alberta and is also the editor-in-chief of Retail Insider Magazine.

    “It’s got tremendous transit potential with the LRT coming in – although it is a ground-oriented LRT, that might be a bit of a challenge – but nevertheless, it’s such an incredible location with the acres that are there, there’s a potential to redevelop it into something absolutely incredible.”

    Patterson also said the Bonnie Doon neighbourhood is ripe for an updated retail space. He said it’s close to downtown, becoming increasingly affluent and will be more accessible as the LRT expansion moves in.

    “I do have some concerns over the way the LRT is going to be designed, being ground-oriented,” he said. “I think there’s some major challenges around north Edmonton around the new line there.

    “I do hope it works out because definitely, developers do look at transit when they look at intensifying sites.”

    Patterson pointed to Vancouver as an example of transit infrastructure boosting commercial and retail development.

    READ MORE: City plans for construction of new Valley LRT Line to Mill Woods 

    Mill Woods Town Centre is another mall that could be re-invented in the near future.

    “Calling for at least four 16-storey towers with 1,700 units going on site,” Coun. Mike Nickel explained. “It is a major redevelopment of the mall. The mall is intended to stay.”

    “There’s no question that everyone in Mill Woods knows that mall needs a face lift,” Nickel said.

    He believes the mall is an important part of the community. He feels a lot of people need this project to be approved and completed.

    “The community does, city hall does, the LRT line does,” Nickel said. “I mean, we can go down the list. Everybody’s got skin in the game.”

    READ MORE: LRT expansion causes traffic concerns in south Edmonton 

    Patterson believes, as top tier malls continue to improve and upgrade, second tier shopping centres must keep innovating.

    “I don’t see an end to brick and mortar retail anytime soon,” he said. “I still do think that people like shopping centres … providing that the shopping centre is compelling.”

Interior mountie fights cancer with healthy eating

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It’s a new movement: preventing disease and treating illness with food.

The concept, which is showcased in documentaries like Forks Over Knives, inspired Interior mountie, Cpl. Dan Moskaluk, and his wife, Sheanne Moskaluk, to adopt a whole-foods, plant-based diet.

It means no animal protein; basically a vegan diet, without the junk food.

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    “There’s essentially nothing more important that you do during the day than what you put in your mouth three times a day,” said Dan.

    In 2013, Dan was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer and given up to two years to live.

    Today, he’s in good health and back at work full time.

    He said the key wasn’t his treatments, it was the diet change.

    “When you ask me what the impact has been, well, I’m still alive,” Dan said.

    “It saved my life.”

    For Sheanne, the diet was a game changer as well.

    “It transformed me. I lost 130 pounds in total and so it was the fountain of youth for me. I really reclaimed my life,” she said.

    Once inspired by a documentary about food, the couple is now going to be featured in a new documentary.

    It’s called Eating You Alive and it’s set to be premiering this December in Los Angeles and New York City.

    The filming had already wrapped up when the producers heard about the Moskaluk’s story in February, but they didn’t hesitate to reopen production to include them.

    “I direct-messaged them on Facebook on the Sunday and within an hour I was talking to a producer and by that following Thursday they flew us down to Atlanta, Georgia to film,” Moskaluk said.

    The producers said they were very compelled by the couple’s story.

    “We really felt that it really served the purpose of the message of the film,” said co-producer Merrilee Jacobs.

    The Moskaluk’s are the only Canadians who will be in the American documentary. They’re most excited about is having the opportunity to inspire others by sharing their story.

    In hopes of encouraging others, the couple has been sharing their journey on social media, taking to Instagram and 桑拿会所, offering recipes and tips.