Surrey RCMP is under new management

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There has been a changing of the guard at the country’s the largest RCMP detachment.

On Tuesday, Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner introduced Dwayne McDonald as the new Officer in Charge of Surrey RCMP.

“I am excited about this opportunity, for no other reason than I love being a police officer,” said McDonald during the announcement.

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Surrey continues to face serious crime-related issues including drug use and gang violence, despite efforts to improve the situation. McDonald said he intends to stay the course set by his predecessor, Assistant Commissioner Bill Fordy, continuing the detachment’s youth and community engagement work. Fordy was recently promoted to Commander of RCMP’s Lower Mainland District. This promotion means McDonald will be working directly under Fordy in his new position.

Over the last year Surrey RCMP has added almost 100 officers to its police force. When asked if more police boots on the ground is the solution to crime in his city, McDonald said there is no easy answer.

“Policing is always a challenge and I think it’s always simple to say more boots on the ground will produce a higher level of public safety…But as we all know the cost of policing is rising and we need to look at a way to more effectively and efficiently deploy our resources…The onus is first on me to determine – are we using what we have effectively?”

Hepner said her first priority for the new Officer in Charge are areas of the city that are “exacerbated” by issues of increased homelessness and mental health. McDonald’s appointment comes after a lengthy selection process that Hepner and other city officials had a hand in.

Previously, McDonald had been heading up the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), and began his career in Burnaby RCMP 21 years ago. He is a father of three and is a long-time youth hockey coach.

During his own childhood he grew up in various areas of Surrey, and his own father works as a pastor in the city.

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